Creating Space 

The meaning of space

I have found over the years my Space has become very important to me.  During these years my idea of Space has changed.  When I think of Space I'm speaking of the space around you.  Your space at home, space at work or even you favorite vacation spot.  What truly makes you happy in the space you are in.

Space doesn't necessarily mean material things it means being happy where you're at.  It sounds simple right.  

I have started a blog  to connect my Space and Life together,   in hopes it might help someone else.  Or just be fun to read!  It will travel down several avenues but it will all come back to Space and Life.  Just a little something,  feel free to take a peek!  Its posted in the more section below.

"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending"

C.S Lewis

A Little more about Me!

"Don't take yourself too seriously." 

I'm Married to a wonderful man, one child, have goofy dog and super cool cat!

 I graduated from Cleary with my MBA.  I'm a AVP working in the financial industry.  

Hobbies;  , hunting, photography, traveling (like around the US, not the world), and treating my dog as a second child because of empty nest syndrome.

All the pictures on my website have been taken by me.  Minus the one to the right where I'm gliding over Freemont Street.